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What does Winterstay Portugal offer?

14.382 Scandinavian's looking for winterstay

If there is anything we have learned in the past year, it’s that remote working is a viable and effective method to increase productivity and focus whilst staying connected. Consequently, we now see the market steering towards a growing demand of professionals looking for a comfortable winter retreat as their remote working environment.

Did you know that 12% of people in Scandinavia like to winterstay in sunny Portugal?

Get longstay bookings during winter months

Which is why we’ve decided to branch out. After multiple succesful project launches in the real estate market, we hereby announce Winterstay Portugal. Winterstay offers you an easy, accessible way to rent your listing to hard working professionals looking for a remote working place during the winter. While they bask in the gentle Portugal sun, their longstay will offer you a means to gather tenants even during the quiet winter months.

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  • Be one of the first to anticipate on the future of remote working
  • Bridge the quiet winter months right into the bustling summer
  • Longstay means no stress in finding new tenants
  • 0% Comissions - €9,99 monthly listing fee
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  • 14.382 Search profiles looking for winterstay (+2 months)

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